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I believe without having a routine your personal success will be limited.  Because my belief is how do you know what you should be doing at any given point in the day?  To be successful means you have to stay focused, having a routine that keeps you working towards achieving your goals is paramount.  Now I do not carry a watch during the week.  Only when I go out do I put one on and its more for dressing up than anything else. So how do I know what I should be doing and when.

With a group of friends we masterminded our routine for 3 months.  The first 30 days were the hardest, this was the beginning of setting the habit of our routines.  That was 8 months ago.  My personal success routine was built on first focusing on myself.  Mentally preparing for my day ahead, having a good workout for mind, body and spirit. Working on my mindset for the day. 3 1/2 hours of me time.  At the end of the day, you have to start with yourself before you can help anyone else.

My day is then broken up into sections which I have shown below. This is my ideal working day. Granted, it doesn’t always happen as meetings don’t always fit into the plan, but when working in the office this is my typical day.  It is easier to break it up into time, but its not really about time management.  Its about managing your energy to get the most out of yourself and be as productive as you can.  Your mind can only really concentrate for short periods of time.  You need to be taking mental breaks and physical.  That is why during my breaks I walk away from my desk.  I will go and ensure that I am taking on food that can help sustain my energy levels so I can be totally focused.  I also make sure that my email client is switched off and I only check them in the set times, and my phone as well.  Breaking the times down like this ensures you can concentrate fully on the task at hand.  Within my 50 mins I set mini deadlines to ensure that I am working as quick as I possibly can.  I have two half hour time periods during the day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Depending how I am feeling, I might either go and lie down, read a book, or do some work on a project that isn’t related to what I spend the rest of the day on.  By focusing my day more on my energy levels than the time and setting mini deadlines to get things done when I am working, I find that in the 6 hours that I am working I have become far more productive that when I was trying to work continuously without taking breaks.  Its about managing your energy, not managing your time.

So below is my daily routine on a perfect day:

05:00 – Alarm Goes off. Read for half an hour whist drinking 1 pint of water
05:35 – Alarm Goes off. Get up and get dressed for Yoga
05:45 – Head to Yoga
05:55 – Start with Qigong In the Yoga Room
06:15 – Start Bikram Yoga
07:30 – Finish Bikram Yoga
07:40 – Head home, whist Driving Saying Affirmations.
I am Confident
I am proud
I am great
I am leader
I am a serious committed Entrepreneur
I am focused
I am passionate
I am honest
I am kind
I am ONE
08:00 – Have a shower and prepare a health shake for breakfast
08:30 – Start work – First 50 mins of the day are working on HIGH priority tasks.
09:20 – Take a break, having more water and eating dried fruits and nuts
09:30 – Start work again – Second 50 mins working on HIGH priority tasks
10:20 – Take a break, having more water and eating dried fruits and nuts
10:30 – Half an hour of something different (Might take a 30 min rest break, might read. Change from thinking of work)
11:00 – An hour of phone calls and answering emails
12:00 – Lunch Break
12:30 – Start Work
13:20 – Take a break, having more water and eating dried fruits and nuts
13:30 – Start Work
14:20 – Take a break, having more water and eating dried fruits and nuts
14:30 – Half an hour of something different (Might take a 30 min rest break, might read. Change from thinking of work)
15:00 – An hour of phone calls and answering emails
16:00 – Start Work
16:50 – Take a break, having more water and eating dried fruits and nuts
17:00 – Start Work
17:50 – Finish.
18:00 – An hours break
19:00 – Cook and eat dinner
20:00 – Read/Study
22:00 – Sleep

Before I go to sleep I always ask myself the same three questions and they are:

1) Have I love unconditionally?

(There are times during the day when others frustrate us, I try and catch myself in the moment but sometimes I don’t. I try and review these moments and think of why)

2) What have I learnt today?

(It is my belief that we are here to learn lessons that we haven’t yet learn. Every action, every moment there is something to be learnt and to grow we must acknowledge, we must accept it, and we need to integrate it)

3) What am I grateful for?

(We are so busy in our lives today that people forget to say thank you. I like taking the final waking moments to acknowledge all the good and bad things that have happened, to be grateful for my day, as I am blessed to be awake in this moment)

I hope you have enjoyed reading about what I do to make each and everyday a successful day.  I am continually learning news things that help with this routine, however I believe it has given me a great start to working on my Personal Success.  I wish you the best in find your Personal Success Routine.

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