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March Book Review


11. The Alchemist: Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist.  Many people have read this book and it is certainly one book that should be in your library.  I believe that there is a simple message and meaning within an easily read story.  It’s a beautiful story set in ancient times about a Shepard’s journey to find wealth that he craves and desires, only to discover that real wealth is within us all as we all have the power to create and be Alchemists.  The thing that I took away from this story is, we can be looking so far into the distance, into the future that we forget to actually pay attention to what is around us in the present.  So many people miss opportunities that are right there because they are focus on what might be, and not what is right now.  The journey that the young Shepard takes, is representing of our own lives. And he ends up back where he started.  Although more wiser and understanding of the fact that if we focus on what we truly want, not what we think we want, then we all have the power to create the lives we desire.  I am not saying that if you think of something it will just happen, you have to also take the necessary actions and steps to make it a reality.  But as soon as you set the intention, then you are on your way.  A really great read.

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12. King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Robert Moore, Douglas Gillette

A great book to read if you have read Way of the Superior Man.  The book describes the different archetypes of the mature masculine.  King, Warrior, Magician and Lover.  But with each archetype there are extremes, both in fullness and shadow.  The real aim is to be a balance of all, this can be achieve by surrounding yourselves with other people who represent the other archetypes.  Once you can identify yourself as a certain type, you will learn from the others around you how to be more centred with all four. As we are a reflection of those who are around us.  Very interesting read if you are learning about masculine and feminine and why people behave as they do, with both the positive and negative sides to our behaviours.

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13. The Power of Eye Contact: Michael Ellsberg

This was an interesting read in the art of Eye Contact. It really goes well with the next book that I read: What every Body is Saying.  Many people do not like to look people in the eye as it makes the feel uncomfortable.  He started off setting up Eye Gazing Meetings, where instead of talking to someone to get to know them, you sit there and just look at the other person’s, then at the end if you felt you connected you get the chance to talk.  Different way to speed dating.  Learning to read peoples eyes can provide you with additional information that you wouldn’t normal pick up on.  The book gives some exercises to over come peoples fears of eye contact, by enabling yourself to relax and look others in the eye, you end up attracting more people into your life as you become more authentic, more relaxed.  Certainly good if you are in the dating scene with some good advise to both sexes.

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14. What Every Body is Saying: Joe Navarro

A really good book outlining the majority of physical behaviors that can help detect if someone is lying or telling you how they really feel.  There are two ways in which we communicate are feelings, one is verbally the other physically.  Our physical movements are controlled by the limbic part of the brain, which is the honest part.  So when we lie, we might be physically moving and saying something different, most people aren’t trained to pick up on this.  The book is full of examples of the authors experience in the FBI, identifying criminals when questioning and picking up on lies being told, using movements of the body. The author is pictured throughout the book showing examples of the actions he talks about, which really provides a great reference to go back too.  It is really a great book to be able to go back and refresh your memory to help pick up on potential lies. An insightful read.

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15. Simple-ology: Mark Joyner

I really wouldn’t advise people go out of their way to read this book.  There are far better books about getting what you want than this.  This book is a fairly quick read, something you might read if you have a couple of hours to kill, or thought you might be bored reading it!.  It took me a while to get into it, in fact it was over before I really did. The author has some interesting points, but it’s not until the end that it really gets anywhere.  Most of the book is just laying the foundations for the end, but it’s not really a new thought or direction on being productive.  There is a website that you can sign up to for free to help you implement what the book teaches, I am yet to listen to the audio, but if its anything like the book, it would be good sleeping material.  The book really just states the obvious. What ever you want, be clear on it, identify the shortest route, and stay focused till you have it. Simple-ology really!!

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These next 5 books, are part of my  journey of reading 100 books this year. So far I am on course for 120, but we shall see. If you like my reviews or would like to know more about me, feel free to post comments or get in touch. Please remember these are only my thoughts and opinions. You might have your own which are different, I respect you all for this. Keep learning, keep growing and Happy reading.

‘The only boundaries in life are the ones we make….’


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