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Recently I have used  two different companies for a similar service and got two different experiences.

Company Number 1 – Upon purchasing the product I received an email confirming my purchase and welcoming me to their business and that someone would be in touch to help with the service. Couple of days later I got an email from the end service provider again welcoming me to the company. They mentioned in their email how they would like to proceed with providing the service, giving their Skype details and that it was up to ME to initiate contact with them further to get the ball rolling. The email was such that I have to do everything. Because I am very busy, and time gets away from me, I am yet to take up the service that I have already paid for. This service has a limited 3 month time limit, they are wanting action from their buyers. Should it not be used, there is no refund. Now, I fully understand that it would be in my best interest to contact the service provider to arrange the next step. However being busy, it is never on the forefront of my mind.

Company Number 2 – Upon being selected to use this companies service, the next day I got a call first thing to arrange when the service can be provided. When it best fitted with my time and the service providers. They immediately wanted dates when I wasn’t available so they could book in a schedule for the next 6 months. Within two days I had a confirmation email with all the dates for the next 6 months. And contact details of the service providers. Adding them to my Skype contact list I was welcomed immediately to the service and that they couldn’t wait to get started. Every month I receive the service, I am never the one to initiate it. I just have to be there ready and waiting.

Now, which one has made me feel wanted? Which one has made me feel supported and makes me want to take action and advantage of their service? Which company do you think I am going to recommend to other people to go to for these services, Company 1 or Company 2?

What do you think the values of the two different companies are? One is willing to take your money and happily not provide the service that has been paid for because they believe you should be the one in Action. The other takes the money and makes sure you get the most benefit possible from their services, they want their service to make a difference in your life, they want you to get the most from them, otherwise its not worth their time or yours.

The questions is not only what Value are you not providing your customers that they have paid for, but what additional Value can you add?

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