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What does Apple’s iPhone5 and Penfold’s Ampoule wine have in common??


This blog isn’t about defining what the iPhone 5 is. You will either be an Apple fan, and love it or your will be someone who just doesn’t like Apple. This post isn’t even about Penfold’s wine and how superior it is to other wines. Again, everyone has an opinion on something. It’s the Ying and the Yang in life. For everything to exist there has to be an opposite equal.

What this blog post is about, is the way both these companies have come out to market their specific products. In both of the video’s below you will see the way they sell their product.

For Apple it’s not just as simple as, ‘here is our new iPhone, it’s great, everyone will love it. We’ve just made some tweeks because all we want to do is sell more phones.’ What Apple do, and what I believe they do very well is they talk about the detail they go to to bring the most amazing phone out there. They measure components to match in micron’s, they mill the edge of the phone to a smooth finish. What other company does that? Their R&D to develop new ways to produce beautiful products must be massive.

Apple are so interested in the minor details, that they all add up to be this amazing product. What you will notice in the video, is they talk about the tiny details and the lengths that they go to, to bring the iPhone to the market. It’s an interesting way to market your product.

Penfold’s don’t usually market their products on TV. But for this premium wine, one that is so special and so limited they have gone to great lengths to create a great marketing piece. Showing the level of planning and detail that goes into this one product.

What you will see is the way they describe the lengths they go to to manufacture the glass for the wine, the craftsmanship for the wooden box that it will be presented in. All the ‘old heads’ using the best of their talents to produce something that is beautiful.

What is great I think is that one company Apple, is using all these modern craft techniques to produce their product, and Penfolds are using all the old school craft techniques to produce theirs. Both are artworks in their own right.

Both these video’s highlight a great way to market products. My question is, can you do the same for your business? Can you describe the great lengths that you go to, to produce those wonderful chocolates, or craftsmanship of your jewellery, or the quality processes you have to ensure that your customers not just get a product, but they get a product that has be designed, made and brought to them with love.


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