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A Question: Can you remember how long it took you to be successful?


To answer that question, Can you remember how long it took you to be successful? You have to define success. Now to a person in modern society, success may be deemed as having lots of money, driving fast cars, travelling, and having all the material things you want. But to a Buddhist Monk, success may be deemed as reaching enlightenment. Each have similar traits, they can take a lot of time, effort and persistence to reach the end. But both have different outcomes. What is your intended outcome?

As with many things, Success should not be interpreted by what society dictates, but by your own definition of the word. Someone who works as a charity worker, giving everything to ensure others are comfortable, can be just as successful as someone who builds the business that they dream of. Both are successful in their interpretation of the word.

The issue with human beings is the difference we have with our interpretation of situations. In ALL situations!! Edison and his 10,000 attempts at a light bulb, some might say he was unsuccessful, but he looked at it as a great success, because he learnt 10,000 ways of how not to build one… Ying and Yang, Half full or half empty. 2 ways always to look at things, depends on how you want to perceive the reality you are presented with.

Do not be controlled by the definition set by modern society as to what is deemed a success. Dictate your own description of the word and create your version. To be bound by the confines as to what is interpreted to fit in the box, only controls the outcome of your life. Learn to be free to express your true self, because only then do you start to lead the life you were meant too.

The emphasis should not be put on how long you took, but how many lives you changed. The greater number of lives you can change, the greater the legacy you leave. What’s left, if you allow, society can deem whether you are a success or not. Like the image says, work in silence, let ‘Success’ make the noise. What ever that may be.