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What are we here to do??


To know Who you are is an amazing discovery, but to Give your true self to the world is the ultimate gift.

Do you ever lie awake at night and think, why am I here? What and I here to do? What is my purpose? What is my why?

I believe it is to change something. We don’t now what it is we are here to change, but we feel our deepest desire is to change things.  Evolve, Grow, learn. Whether we are here to change ourselves, our community, our city, state, country, or if we are here to change mankind. We are all here to change, learn and grow.

Most people go through life never living their full potential. Always blaming circumstances they believe are out of their control to creating change.

I don’t think life was meant to be easy. The journey of self discovery never is. I think once you find your why, your purpose, it becomes clearer what you are here to change. But there is something we fear, change.

The fear most people have is a fear of finding ones self. How many people take time out and just, Be. Quiet. Silent, with only the sound of the voice in your head? We are too busy distracting ourselves with TV, music, alcohol, drugs, and work. How many people can stay silent and still long enough for that voice to become quiet and still too?

The fear, is what happens if you find out who you are and don’t like it? How can you not love your deepest self? Why should you fear that? It is only the ego that is in fear of loosing the identity it has created. The ego is only protecting what it believes to be true, not what is true.

We are like pieces of marble. Rough with no real shape or image, and slowly but surely we craft ourselves, the more we chip away the more we learn. We start off as beginners, and only those that are willing to keep chipping away, perfecting their techniques, learning from their mistakes, get to reveal the beauty within. And at that stage we become masters. And like any master, their is no fear of showings ones true self off to the world.

In the moment that you get to see your true self, you will discover your purpose. Your reason for being. And most often or not it can be summed up in one or two words.

Keep dreaming, keep learning, keep chipping away. And never be afraid of discovering your true self and change.

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